Summer anime New Game! is officially getting a PlayStation Vita title thanks to 5pb.

Based on the anime – which sees young Aoba venture into the workforce for the first time, taking a role at her favourite game studio – New Game! Challenge Stage is currently destined to hit PlayStation Vita early next year. It’ll have you taking on the creation of DLC for the fictional game “Fairy’s Story 3” as well as getting closer to your co-workers; all in Aoba’s shoes.

The gameplay will consist of training portions (DLC creation), and adventure portions (co-worker interaction), followed by character episodes in the later half based on who you interact with. There will be multiple routes to take to the end, with many different character episodes to unlock.


Do you have what it takes to help develop a video game?

Find out for sure early next year, as New Game! Challenge Stage hits Japan on January 26th, 2017. It’ll be priced at 7,300 yen for the standard edition, or 10,300 yen for the limited edition (including an Aoba Suzukaze SD figure and an official soundtrack CD).