Koei Tecmo has updated the website for upcoming game Berserk. Which means that we now have details for two more playable characters!

First up we have Serpico (voiced by Kazuyuki Okitsu) he looks thin and weak but is actually highly skilled in battle. He’s a follower of Farnese de Vandimion and has vowed absolute loyalty to her, so when she leaves the Holy Iron Chain Knights to follow Guts, he decides to follow her without a second thought.


Schierke (voiced by Chiwa Saito) is a disciple of the ‘Mansion of the Spirit Tree’ witch Flora. She has the ability to use magic and so can use it to support her allies and bring destruction to her enemies. At first her personality is very distrusting towards Guts and all other humans but as she continues to journey with them she grows to trust them.


Berserk is due out in Japan on September 21 and in the fall for North America and Europe. Keep checking back to The Vita Lounge for all the latest updates!