Famitsu and Bandai Namco have updated us on what the recently announced Macross Delta Scramble will be bringing to the table; detailing the game further and showing off some new screens.

Macross Delta Scramble will feature main missions based on the first thirteen episodes of the Macross Delta anime, and will feature extra missions with guests from across the Macross series (such as Hikaru Ichiyo and Alto Saotome). It’ll see players let loose with variable fighters and three stages of transformation, taking on dogfights like a real maverick.


Battroid Mode


Fighter Mode


Gerwalk Mode


Guest characters are set to include…

From Macross: Do You Remember Love?

  • Hikaru Ichijyo
  • Lynn Minmay

From Macross F

  • Alto Saotome
  • Sheryl Nome
  • Ranka Lee

And finally, songs available in the game include…

Standard Edition (20 total songs)

  • “Ichido Dake no Koi Nara” by Walkure
  • “Koi! Halation The War” by Walkure
  • “Ikenai Borderline” by Walkure
  • “Bokura no Senjou” by Walkure
  • “Zettai Reido Theta Novatic” by Walkure
  • “Koi Obaeteimasuka” by Mari Iijima
  • “Iteza Gogo Kuji (Don’t Be Late)” by May’n
  • “Seikan Hikou” by Megumi Nakajima
  • “Universal Bunny” by May’n
  • “Houkago Overflow” by Megumi Nakajima

Limited Edition Run Pika Sound Edition (50 total songs)

  • “Run ga Pikatto Hikattara” by Walkure
  • “Giritic Beginner” by Walkure
  • “Fukaku Teisei Cosmic Movement” by Walkure
  • “Dog Fighter”
  • “Watashi no Kare ha Pilot” by Mari Iijima
  • “0-G Love” by Mari Iijima
  • “Macross” by Makoto Fujiwara
  • “Shao Pai Long” by Mari Iijima
  • “Tenshi no Enogu” by Mari Iijima
  • “Tri-Angler fight on stage” by May’n and Megumi Nakajima
  • “Lion” by May’n and Megumi Nakajima
  • “Infinity #7” by May’n
  • “Northern Cross” by May’n
  • “Anata no Oto” by Megumi Nakajima
  • “Obelisk” by May’n
  • “Niji Iro Kumakuma” by Megumi Nakajima
  • “Get it on ~Kousoku Cry Max” by May’n and Megumi Nakajima
  • “Sayonara Notsubasa ~the end of triangle” by May’n and Megumi Nakajima

Macross Delta Scramble is set to hit Japan on October 20th, with development currently around 70% complete. It will launch in both a 6,100 yen standard edition and a 9,000 yen “Run Pika Sound Edition” – so you’ve got a choice to make. 😉

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  • Instant buy for me, I’ve been waiting for a new Macross game for years. Shame it comes out just after I leave Japan though, damn my timing! :p