But don’t worry, it’s nothing to go Berserk about! (I’m sorry but it had to be done!)

The upcoming game based on the incredibly popular franchise is one we are exceedingly excited to finally get our hands on when it finally releases. I mean all you need to do is take a glance at everything we have covered concerning Berserk Musou (as it’s known in Japan) and you should get a picture of how ravenous we are for this title. Every little nugget of news, every leaked screenshot or character detail that gets released for this game and we are there – we want it so bad!

So it is with a heavy heart that I today add to the plethora of information we have covered concerning this game with the news that Koei Tecmo have just announced that the game will be delayed in Japan in order to ‘further improve quality‘.

Now its not a huge delay – intact its roughly a month. Originally Berserk was scheduled to release in Japan on September 21st of this year and has now been pushed to October 27th. So really we are only looking at a delay of a few weeks.

However what wasn’t made clear was whether or not this Eastern delay would have a knock on effect concerning the Western release of the game. As revealed a few weeks ago – Berserk had a launch window of Fall 2016 for North America and Europe. I hope we can take it as a good sign that Koei Tecmo haven’t mentioned the release dates concerning Western territories as they remain unchanged, it would be a shame to see Berserk slip into 2017.

As always we will keep you up to date with any news we have concerning Berserk as and when it breaks! Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think about the delay – is it something we should be worried about?

Berserk will release in Japan on PlayStation 4 and PS Vita on October 27th, and as far as the West? Well, who knows? (Fingers crossed Fall).