Acquire has filled us in on the Japanese release date for Akiba’s Beat, tossing in some character information and a new trailer for good measure.

According to the latest from Acquire, it looks like Japanese buyers will be getting their hands on the game October 13th – with first print copies netting you a seven-song character soundtrack, creation materials, and costume downloadable content as bonuses.

But that’s not all we’ve learned, as new information regarding the characters included in the game has been dropped in our laps by the latest Famitsu. Let me introduce to you…

  • Shareko Ube – A mysterious “black marketeer” who appears in a variety of places around the town.

From the Akihabara Vigilance Committee;

  • Leader – The head of the Akihabara Vigilance Committee, his personal details are unknown. What we do know however, is that he desires peace and aims to destroy the delusions.
  • Akari Hoozuki – A 16 year-old girl who loves the arcade.
  • Aoi Hoozuki – The also 16 twin-sister of Akari, who is calmer and quieter than her counterpart.

From the Bureau of Delusions;

  • Mikado Kurosaki – The Director of the mysterious organization known as the Bureau of Delusions, Mikado considers delusions necessary for the better development of the world.
  • Kasuga Yuuki – The general manager of the Research and Development Office, and apparently an acquaintance of Reiji.
  • Mari Toujou – Head of the Research and Development Office, she’s always calm. She may be connected to Reiji as well.

That’s it for new introductions, however we’ve got something to share with you before you go regarding the eighteen year old Saki and her familiar Pinkun – a brand new character trailer!

Check it out;

Akiba’s Beat launches October 13th in Japan, and sometime this Winter in North America.

You feelin’ it yet?