The previously announced “early next year” release window for Summon Night 6 has been updated, and we’ve also got some details on what to expect from the title.

According to a post made on the PlayStation Blog, it looks like we’ll be seeing Summon Night 6: Lost Borders in February – the title coming cross-save enabled between Vita and PlayStation 4.

A game centred around three characters living alone, it begins when people literally begin falling from the sky – the three taking it upon themselves to both get to know these people, as well as solve the mystery of how and why this happened.

According to the blog;

“The gameplay is classic Summon Night, but turbocharged and streamlined. The usual strategy grid is displayed when you move, but the characters are free to run anywhere within their movement range without being limited to the squares. The Summon magic is represented here, as expected, as are assists, but there‚Äôs a new huge Summon Burst type of attack that unleashes crazy devastation on enemies.”


With lovely 3D terrain to move over, shiny character models, and even the return of ever popular night conversations, this looks to be the best Summon Night yet – and it’s coming our way this February.

Are you excited, or what?

  • Lester Paredes

    Ooohhhh… turn based strategy rpg… yes… gimmie!