Aksys Games has announced the release date for the recently announced localization of Daybreak Special Gigs World Tour, and it’s actually not that far away.

It looks like eager fans of ghost hunting goodness will be able to pick up the enhanced version of Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters – dubbed Daybreak Special Gigs World Tour – on September 20th in North America! Huzzah!

That’s just under two months from now, and the game is flippin’ hard – so you might want to get to practicing on the original ’til then. 😉

  • Kumiko

    Very excited about this one, since I never got the original. Now, if they could pull another Shiren 5 and release it in Europe on the same date, or just a few days inbetween, I’d be one happy lady. They also released Langrisser for the 3DS simultaneously in both regions, so my faith in Aksys timely releasing their games in Europe is increasing. If not, well, they haven’t let Europe down so far, even if it takes a while for them to find an European publisher.

  • Lester Paredes

    I just found a physical copy of the original release. For 20 bucks, too! I haven’t started it yet…

  • Kumiko

    Sorry for the double post, but there’s a nice update for my fellow Europeans. NISA is going to be the one bringing this game over to us (like they did with the original), not Aksys, and it’s gonna be released on October 21, 2016. Not bad at all in my opinion.