We get a look at IF, Hatsumi Sega, and Dreamcast via the latest from the title’s official website.

Idea Factory International are showing off three of the ladies from the upcoming Western release of Superdimension Neptune vs Sega Hard Girls, giving us a look at and some insight into IF, Hatsumi Sega, and Dreamcast. Let’s check them out!


Our heroine and a born adventurer, IF rides with her bike partner across the devastated world; looking for a better future. While level-headed and a born leader, she can however be a bit of a know it all – leading some to refer to her as a Chuunibyou.

Hatsumi Sega


Hatsumi Sega, or Segami, is a mysterious girl with amnesia. The only thing she remembers is her name, though she possesses an unusual desire to alter history in a way that could end the fighting of the factions. A natural leader with loads of charisma, she’s prone to being stubborn about taking orders from others, and has some weird ideas her teammates often have issue with.


Not very self aware, but always honest and in possession of a strong sense of justice we have Dreamcast. People tend to make fun of her, which is kind of a bummer as she wears her heart on her sleeve and values the connections people have with one another. Her expressions are always changing because of this, and this ditzy personality has become a part of her persona – driving people to feel empathy for her (and consequently helping to nullify the hostility towards her).

So how are you liking the ladies thus far, see any waifu material? 😉

Superdimension Neptune vs Sega Hard Girls is due out in the West this Fall.