Bandai Namco has revealed some new details on the story for Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization as well as releasing new screenshots and giving details on the characters Genesis & Premiere, as well as other features.


If you’ve watched any of the anime episodes then you’ll already be familiar with some of the story but in case you haven’t here’s a bit of detail!

In 2026 a new virtual reality MMORPG called “Sword Art: Origin” is announced. Kirito (who was a participant in the beta test) meets a mysterious NPC girl there. She has no name but had a strange quest that on completion only awarded a single Col.

The mysterious NPC girl is given the name “Premiere” and over the course of the game Kirito and his friends will get to know her a lot better. There will be tensions in the game between humans and AI but when Premiere’s true purpose is revealed, people will fight for “it.” But at the moment that purpose has not yet been revealed to us.

We also have some details and artwork of new character Genesis as well as for Premiere:

Genesis (voiced by Kazuyuki Okitsu) is known as the Black Swordsman. He meets Kirito after meeting Premiere.


Premiere (voiced by Yuiko Tatsumi) is the mysterious NPC without a name. She is given her name by Kirito and friends.


Next up we have some screenshots of the battle system in action. There is a new system for combos called Skill Allied which connects the party’s Sword Skills. By using this system you’ll be able to trigger special party links that deal higher damage than normal.

The Town of Beginnings is back! Here you’ll be able to purchase items, connect with your friends, and interact with over 300 NPCs. You’ll be able to recruit all 300 NPCs to join your party. The Town of Beginnings will be a great location to prepare for your adventure or just relax and hang out with NPCs for a bit.


From the NPCs that you have a high friendship level you’ll be sent messages in-game which you can reply to. Replying will further increase the bond you have with them.


There will be tough Raid Boss battles for you to participate in. During these battles upto four parties of 16 people can participate to try to take down the powerful boss. Each four person team will be able to perform Skill Allied attacks to try to continuously deal heavy damage to the boss.


The final bit of Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization news that I have for you is that the PS4 and PS Vita versions will be cross save so if you own both the PS4 and Vita version of the game then you’ll be able to upload your save and keep switching between the two.

The game is due out in Japan on October 27 and this fall in North America and Europe. Keep checking back to The Vita Lounge for all the latest updates!