And it looks like it’s well on the way to obtaining it! At the time of this post being written, Glitched has already surpassed its goal of $7,500. The game now has $20,000+ pledged from over 600 backers.

The campaign has already reached the stretch goals “Hub Town”, “Bebo Farm”, “Arcade”, “Animated Faces”, “Animated Enemies”, “Additional Content”, and “New Game +”. Next up at $25,000 is a friendship system, followed by a day and night system for $30,000. Most importantly, when $35,000 is achieved, Glitched will be getting a PS Vita port!

Glitched is a story driven RPG with plenty of impactful decisions to be made. Each choice made will shape the player’s personality and morality. This is tracked by the game’s “ESSENCE SYSTEM”.


According to the games Kickstarter page:

“GLITCHED uses traditional turn based combat with a few twists:

  • There is no leveling or random monster encounters.
  • All combat is story based and players will be making choices that may or may not lead to a brawl.
  • Leveling up and experience are also removed.
  • Players will have to use different party members and equipment in order to change how they approach each battle.
  • Deciding to kill, spare, or find another way to stop a fight will all lead to different story outcomes.”


As for what the game is about…

“After a glitch appears in the world of SOREN, our unexpected hero, Gus, will become aware of you- the player. Experience fourth wall breaking shenanigans while making decisions that will shape this world.”

The Kickstarter campaign has 21 days to go, so why not check it out? There’s even a demo available right now on their Kickstarter page for the PC version.

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  • Kumiko

    Wow, this game looks really good. I’m scared of backing kickstarter projects because of all the bad stories about it, even though I love what the platform has done for gaming. But I’m finally gonna get over this fear and back a project for the first time. I really hope the vita stretch goal makes it.

  • Will E Alsobrook

    Woo, looks like earthbound slept with legend of Zelda link to the past, and this was the outcome