A new simulation RPG from the Japanese publisher Daidai has been announced for PS4 and PS Vita. Titled Adventure Story of the Good Old Days it is due to launch digitally this December.

The game is a straightforward turn based RPG, there isn’t a lot of dressing up to be found here. You’ll have your units and the enemy will have theirs. Each stage will have it’s own victory conditions such as defeating the enemies, once you beat the stage it’s onto the next one.


Each enemy you defeat will earn you experience which in turn will earn you the level ups which will strengthen your units. It doesn’t matter whether you win or lose the battle you still get to keep the exp and level ups so if you’re struggling with a battle it pays off to persist.


Overall the game comes across as an easy and simple entry into turn based RPG genre. There isn’t any flashy presentation or deep new mechanics but there is something appealing about the simplicity of this game.

What do you think of the game then? Would this simple RPG catch your interest? Let us know in the comments below.

Story of the Good Old Days launches this December in Japan digitally for 1,800 yen. Stay tuned to The Vita Lounge for more information as we get it.

  • Lester Paredes

    If the story is interesting, then if be in. Otherwise, probably not.

    • Reece Heyworth

      would not get your hopes up on an enthralling story here unfortunately

  • Kumiko

    I have to agree that an interesting story would be the only thing to grab me here. I mean, it doesn’t even look decent. There are many mobile games that look better than this, and as a rule I do not even play those.

    There are other Vita JRPGs more worthy of being localized than this one. The Wizardry games, Hero must Die, Tokyo Operation Babel and New interpretation of Sword City are the games that come to mind that do not have a western release announced.

    There are some others, like the Moero games, but since IF doesn’t wanna bother censoring their fan service games to bring them over anymore, even this has more of a chance to come over than a lot of their offerings. Oh, and Phantasy Star Nova. But that’s from Sega, so we’ll never see it either.