Announced via Twitter, it looks like those of you in the European regions will be getting a chance to grab a physical copy of Lumo sometime down the line.

Rising Star Games took to Twitter earlier today to announce a physical version of isometric adventure game Lumo for PlayStation 4. When questioned in reply about a physical Vita version by @LastRealGamer however, they let loose that it’ll be coming as well…to European regions.

Here’s the tweet exchange;

Followed by a straight up announcement by Rising Star Games;

Lumo released last month in North America and Europe, but it seems we’ll be seeing a physical version – at least in Europe. As for when, it looks like we’ll be staying tuned for that at a later date. 😉

Edit; Looks like then when and how much questions have been settled…

You in?

  • DCGX

    I guess I’m importing Lumo then.