Passionate and vocal community voices are heard as GAIJINWORKS announce the collector’s treatment for the upcoming strategy RPG

Disappointed Vita owners who felt left out following news of a PS4 special edition of the upcoming Summon Night 6 should feel a little happier today as GAIJINWORKS announced that the Vita will also get a Wonderful Edition.

In a press release, GAIJINWORKS founder Victor Ireland noted the demand from Vita fans for a special edition release alongside the already-planned standard release, commenting:

“We found out pretty quickly that Vita fans love having physical copies of their games,” noting also that “They want the same special bonuses that we’re including in the PS4 box set, and starting today, we’re offering them a Wonderful Edition of their own.”

If you are wondering what’s included in the Wonderful Edition, you’ll get:

  • Physical copy of the game in a case with multi-sided artwork coversheet
  • Full-color instruction manual
  • A hardcover art book
  • The game’s complete soundtrack on CD
  • A plush figure of one of the game’s sidekick characters
  • Four different PVC-molded Summon Night 6 drink coasters and a large wall poster
  • And an exclusive collector’s box.
  • The poster included will feature new artwork unique to the Vita version and boasts a serial-numbered hologram on the outer box will be different as well.

    To get a copy of Summon Night 6: Lost Borders Wonderful Edition for the Vita, head to the GAIJINWORKS website and you can reserve a copy for a discounted price of $115 between now and September 15th. After that date, reservation vouchers will sell for the full price of $135 until the end of October, when the presale window closes.

    Our press release states that shipping charges are additional and will vary by region. After October 31st, no more copies of the Wonderful Edition will be available for purchase, and they will only manufacture enough copies to meet the orders.

    Not sure what Summon Night 6 is about? It’s a strategy/role playing game built upon friendship and discovery, where the isolated main characters each have a single companion – a flying sidekick with amazing powers. The friends become surprised when all of a sudden strangers begin falling from the sky…

    We will bring you more news on Summon Night 6: Lost Borders as it becomes available. Will you be shelling out for the Wonderful Edition?

    • Lester Paredes

      Nice special edition, but I’ll stick with the standard release. This one is a bit too special for my wallet, you see.