Curve Digital bringing colour-matching platform puzzler to the Vita later this month

Updated! We received a new press kit from Curve Digital for the game and have added a gallery of new screens at the bottom of the post.

If you are a fan of indie titles and in particular, Curve Digital, you’ve probably been following our coverage of their upcoming title, Hue.

Coming from developer Fiddlesticks, Hue is a “charming and vibrant puzzle-platformer” which features a colour changing mechanic as a way yo shift different panes into play. Boasting a “vivid art style with clever level design” mixed with “touching” narrative, the game is a platforming adventure as refreshing as it is colourful and today we learned that it will release later this month, on August 23rd!

Everyone that the titular character, Hue, encounters can only see in greyscale but the world around Hue is far from black and white and whilst on a journey to solve his mother’s disappearance, Hue begins to piece together her discarded research, which leads to him discovering the ability to see the world’s hidden colours and change it to alter reality. As the background shifts between shades, rifts form, and obstacles slip between pigmented dimensions.

As more details are uncovered relating to his mother, Hue learns to manipulate the game world around him in increasingly sophisticated ways, affecting objects, unlocking new areas and interacting with the environment in new ways. Hue will also encounter a hugely diverse cast of characters in an incredibly witty and inventive world full of wonder and intrigue.

Dan Da Rocha, Director of Fiddlesticks told us via a press release: “Hue has been almost universally loved whenever we’ve taken it out to show, so we’re incredibly excited to be finally getting into people’s hands properly. We’ve spent the last couple of years in Hue’s world – it’s going to be brilliant to welcome some more visitors.”

Some of the key features in Hue are:

  • Unique color-matching mechanic, offering a new twist on the classic platformer.
  • A heartfelt story that touches on themes of love, loss, existence and remorse.·
  • A world full of lively characters to talk to, each with their own personality and story.
  • Stark silhouetted art style with bright, bold colours.
  • Over 30 original music tracks, composed exclusively for Hue.
  • Full colorblind support, using symbols as a color aid.
  • Razer Chroma, Corsair RGB and many more colored LED devices supported on Windows.
  • Professionally voiced narration by Anna Acton and Matthew Wade, some of the UK’s best television talent.

I got some time with the game at EGX and thought it was very clever and charming, so I for one am very excited to see this releasing later this month. Have you been looking forward to Hue? Let us know in the comments!

New Screens:

  • xxAcesHighxx

    Been hyped for this since Rezzed 2015. Still am 🙂