Remember the days when the summer months were somewhat of a ‘gaming drought’ – giving you time to clear your gaming backlogs in time for the flux of new games that arrive in the months leading up to the holidays? Well those days now seem to be a thing of the past, and August sees a whole host of games launch for the PS Vita – mixing some brilliant indie titles with some bigger names from publishers that are a little more well known.

Now we all know that some games can appear out of the blue and release on our favourite handheld with only a few days notice, but here are the key titles that we can expect this month;

Gal*Gun: Double Peace

Release Date – August 2nd NA
Publisher – PQube
Genre – Shooter


In Gal Gun: Double Peace the protagonist is shot with a special arrow which makes all girls fall madly in love with him. This may seem like a pretty swell deal, except that when the magic of the arrow wears off, he will never be able to get a girlfriend again! Luckily he can prevent this by finding true love, unfortunately he only has one day to do it.

Double Peace features over 70 different girls (and endings), and includes the ability to share exchanges with each them via an in-game social network – giving you an avenue where you can listen to their requests and help them out.

Laser Disco Defenders

Release Date – August 2nd NA
Publisher – Excalibur
Genre – Shooter


Laser Disco Defenders is a very visually unique and quite frankly beautiful looking bullet hell twin stick shooter that pays homage to all things 70’s! Disco music, sci-fi and psychedelic visual effects all get sent up in this frantic looking title.

Timmy reviewed Laser Disco Defenders and scored it a 3.4 out of 5, saying that “Laser Disco Defenders is a very visually appealing game with a great toe-tapping soundtrack. However the difficulty barrier is set so high and feels so much more unforgiving when compared to its contemporaries that it feels like it may have done itself a slight disservice by only allowing players with the absolute highest levels of skill and patience to sample most of what it has to offer.”

Mutant Mudds: Super Challenge

Release Date – August 3rd EU
Publisher – Nighthawk Interactive
Genre – Platformer


The sequel to 2012’s popular side-scrolling platformer Mutant Mudds, Mutant Mudds Super Challenge is heading to the PlayStation Vita later this month with over 40 new levels, 5 mighty bosses, and brand 5 new pixel art worlds.

It arms characters with a water cannon and a jetpack – sending them to run, leap, crouch, hover, and shoot their way through enemies and environmental hazards. You’ll be able to augment gameplay with power ups, increasing hover time, giving you a vertical boost, or equipping a power shot. Hidden pathways offer pick-ups, and there are 20 unlockable characters to find along the way.

Dungeon Punks

Release Date – August 16th NA & EU
Publisher – Hyper Awesome Entertainment
Genre – Fighting


Tag-team brawler RPG Dungeon Punks will be coming worldwide to PS Vita on August 16th. The game will also be crossbuy with the PS4 version which is due out on July 26th.

The game’s story sounds interesting; A group of misfit delivery-men accidentally stumble upon the darkest secrets of the RezCorp resurrection insurance agency, and find out that life is a heck of a lot easier when you’re toeing the company line. Their quest to expose the truth and take down the head honchos pits them against a band of mutants, monsters, and weirdos who will stop at nothing to kill them. Then again, death is no longer a problem, as long as you’ve paid your resurrection insurance premium.

You’ll be able to recruit a crew of six mutant heroes who you can use to blast your enemies senseless with their magical spells and combo attacks. Real-time party play will allow you to take control of any of the heroes fighting alongside you at any time. You can also have a friend or two tap in and join you on your adventure.

Read Only Memories

Release Date – August 16th NA & EU
Publisher – Midboss
Genre – Adventure


Read Only Memories will take you on a journey of puzzle-solving and exploring in Neo-San Francisco, 2064 AD. You’re a struggling journalist who’s life is interrupted by the world’s first sapient machine, a ROM (Relationship and Organizational Manager) named Turing. You will have to investigate and overcome challenges as you investigate the mysterious world and characters of Neo-San Francisco.

Read Only Memories has branching narrative paths which give players near endless possibilities and mean that you will want to play through it multiple times.

The game has BAFTA-nominated voice actors Adam Harrington and Dave Fennoy providing some of the voiceover skills. Both Adam and Dave have worked on some great games like The Wolf Among Us and The Walking Dead amongst many other games. The game has a synth-driven soundtrack by 2 Mello and a retro futuristic pixel art style by JJSignal.

Alone With You

Release Date – August 23rd NA & EU
Publisher – Benjamin Rivers
Genre – Adventure

Alone with You

Alone With You is a sci-fi adventure game that puts you in the role of the last surviving member of a terraforming colony. The planet you are stranded on is going to be destroyed in one month, and your only means of escape is a non-functioning escape pod which you need to repair. The problem is that the only people who know how to fix it are now dead.

Thankfully you have access to an advanced computer AI that will attempt to recreate the lost members you need to repair the systems and get off this planet. The game will involve a lot of exploration as you go through six unique areas in search of the parts you need and answers to the mysteries surrounding your situation.

As you interact with the simulated members of the colony, you will develop relationships and possibly romance. You will work with the computer AI to get the escape pod up and running and hopefully make it off the planet and into safety.

Attack on Titan

Release Date – August 30th NA / August 26th EU
Publisher – Koei Tecmo
Genre – Adventure


Based on the anime of the same name, Attack on Titan launches on the PS Vita this month and features the atmospheric, and iconic, fast-paced action of the highly regarded series. Attack on Titan puts the player in a position to relive some of the most shocking, courageous and exhilarating moments of the anime’s first season – following the exploits of various key characters.

The story itself revolves around three youngsters who survive when their walled city district is destroyed by the gigantic, man-eating Titans. These three go on to become members of the Scout Regiment – in order to fight against these overpowering foes in a bid to protect humanity!

God Eater: Resurrection

Release Date – August 30th EU
Publisher – Bandai Namco
Genre – Action RPG


“In the early 2050s, unknown life forms called “Oracle Cells” began their uncontrolled consumption of all life on Earth. Their violent nature and god-like adaptability earned them the name “Aragami”. Facing an enemy completely immune to conventional weapons, modern society collapses as humanity is driven to the point of extinction. One last hope remains. Following the Fenrir Organization’s development of “God Arcs”, Oracle Cell based living weapons, their wielders are organized into an elite force of “God Eaters”. Your mission is to defeat the Aragami and gather material from them for research, but you come to realize that you are being drawn in to a giant conspiracy that will irreversibly alter the fate of humanity…”

God Eater: Resurrection is an upgraded version of the PSP title God Eater: Burst and includes a new bonus story segment taking place after the events of Burst that connects the events of Burst with those of the upcoming God Eater 2.

God Eater 2: Rage Burst

Release Date – August 30th NA & EU
Publisher – Bandai Namco
Genre – Action RPG


Taking place three years after the original, a new fatal pandemic known as the Black Plague (caused by red rain) has struck the Far East area. Members of the Special Forces Blood, an affiliate of Fenrir who reside in a mobile base, are sent to assist. Here you take control of the new protagonist (God Eater 2) who is a new recruit to the Special Forces Blood team.

The game features 3 new weapon types, the Shotgun, the Boost Hammer, and the Charge Spear, as well as new mechanics, such as Blood Bullets and Blood Arts, as well as reworks for all the previously available Equipment types. New Aragami, new as well as returning Characters, and new Fields will accompany refined visuals.

Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X

Release Date – August 30th NA & EU
Publisher – Sega of Europe
Genre – Rhythm/Music


The world of Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X is made up of five unique Clouds that all have their own, unique aura. These five auras are; Cool, Cute, Elegant, Quirky and Classic. As Miku and her friends progress, the auras of the songs that they perform and the modules that are picked will have a profound effect on meeting the challenge conditions that you will be tested with when playing throught the game.

A new addition to the series is the Concert Editor, which allows you to create your own mini-concert using the songs, modules and accessories that you collect. By taking on requests and exploring the Clouds with Miku and friends you will begin to forge relationships with the characters – eventually revealing the secret of the title’s eponymous ‘X’.

So there we have the key titles that are set to release for the PlayStation Vita this August!

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Let us know which of the above titles (if any) you will be picking up in the comments below!