Screenshots and trailers ahoy, it looks like Square Enix is laying on the media quite thick as we enter the home stretch towards release.

First up we get a look at some newly released screenshots, which show off a bunch of different bits from the game. There are images that show off the game’s monsters, mini-games, story scenes (including sub-story scenes), and locales. Some of the locales shown off include The Dragon Scars, The Low Seas, The Rainbow Shore, and the protagonist’s quarters.

Check them out below;

Additionally, a set of four videos have been released which show off monsters from the game. So far we’ve got an in-motion look at the following baddies;

Baby Shiva

Death Skull



World of Final Fantasy releases October 25th in North America, October 27th in Japan, and October 28th in Europe.

Is the excitement getting to you yet?

  • Keith McMiller

    I’m sold (says the guy formerly known as Buckybuckster)! looks like it will take up plenty of my time!