Buckle up! We’ve got a lot to get through!

Good morning one and all! For those of you who have been salivating for more on the upcoming PS Vita and PlayStation 4 exclusive Akiba’s Beat, well have I got news for you! Not only do we have an insane amount of new screenshots for the hotly anticipated RPG, but we also have a lot of delicious tidbits of information to accompany them!

So what are we waiting for? Let’s jump right in!

Straight off the bat we are introduced to the two main factions of the game – the Akihabara Vigilantes and the Delusion Administration.

The Akihabara Vigilantes one and only goal is to destroy the erosion caused by delusions. Leading The Vigilantes is someone known only as ‘Boss’ (Now go! Let the legend come back to life!) and the twin sisters Akari and Aoi.

As far as the Delusion Administration’s mission is concerned, they also have a singular goal – the betterment of the world, believing that delusions are a necessary part of that ideal. In the Delusion Administration we also get introduced to the Director General Mikado Kurosaki and his underlings Yuki Kasuga and Mari Tojo.

Another shady character – The Dark Merchant – is also introduced. She acts as Akihabara’s black market and her sole priority is making money!

Phew! But we are not done yet! We also have some info on gameplay, specifically the ‘Imagine Gauge’ and ‘Imagine Mode’.

The Imagine Gauge will unlock new stages in the game as the story progresses and activating imagine mode will unlock new weapons. During Imagine Mode it will also be possible to execute powerful skills named EX Skills.

When the imagine gauge fills up the player is treated to a cutscene involving headphones (sounds quite Persona like) and the Imagine Field is activated. We have seen this in the recent TV spots for Akiba’s Beat and not only does music accompany the player when in imagine mode, but the song that plays is unique to whoever the player is controlling! Nice! There are also reported to be 12 different battle songs, of which seven are dedicated to the main cast. Speculation would lead us to believe that this means that other characters will also be able to go into Imagine Mode.

There is also some info dropped on the weapons and how they will be customised during the game. The weapons in Akiba’s Beat are know as ‘Personal Weapons’ or ‘PasoPon’ and your PasoPon can be customised with various computer parts such as CPUs and HDDs.

And last, but by no means least, we also have conformed that side quests, or side scenarios I guess would be a better description, will play a big role in the world of Akiba’s Beat. These sub-scenarios will be focused around the main characters of the game and are in addition to the many sub-events already populating the title itself.

Hot damn that was a lot of stuff to get through! Well we did it! Pat yourself on the back! Now for the time where I hand over to you guys! As always you can sound of in the comments below to let us know what you think of these screenshots and pieces of concept art. How hyped you are for the release of Akiba’s Beat? And finally be sure that for all your news, reviews and previews you keep it locked right here at The Vita Lounge!

Akiba’s Beat is due out this Fall in Japan and this Winter in North America.

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  • leingod

    Not sure if excited or not. The first game had awful loading times, pop up issues, etc… even if the core game was decent.

  • Keith McMiller

    Looks pretty impressive to me so far!