Gust has released some new artwork and details about some of the characters you’ll get to meet in Atelier Firis: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Journey. Let’s have a look!

Angriff Dahlmann (voiced by Taiten Kusunoki and illustrated by NOCO) is a 55 year old mercenary who’s travelled all over to defeat monsters. His nickname is the “Immortal Angriff” and he’s saving up lots of money for a certain purpose. He travels all over the place, not just in the pursuit of monsters but also to travel to bars in order to seek out good alcohol.


Ren Breitner (voiced by Misa Ishii and illustrated by NOCO) is a 24 year old certified alchemist who works in Flussheim. She’s highly skilled and has a very serious and strict personality. She absolutely hates people who misuse alchemy.


Norbert Classen (voiced by Kento Fujinuma and illustrated by NOCO) is a 39 year old alchemist who lives in Grao Tar, the valley village. He looks very casual and has a playful personality. He’s someone who the villagers can rely on.


Dion Maier (voiced by Daisuke Nakamura and illustrated by Yuugen) is a 27 year old certified alchemist who lives in Mechen. He’s a very straightforward and good-natured person. He failed the certified exam many times before finally passing and has only recently passed. He’s Mechen’s only alchemist, so he gets a lot of work but also makes a lot of mistakes.


Aurelie Bluch (voiced by Kiyoko Miyazawa and illustrated by Yuugen) is a 76 year old certified alchemist. She’s a no-nonsense kind of person and even carries a broadsword in order to intimidate nagging villagers. She’s a good judge of character and hates when people dismiss her as just an old lady.


So as you can see there are a lot of other alchemists to meet! Firis needs to collect letters of recommendations from these certified alchemists in order to be able to take the certified alchemist exam.


There are lots of new towns that Feris will be able to visit including:

Dona the forest village. This village is full of hunters and has a sacred tree in the middle which is cherished by the villagers.


Flussheim the lake town. This town has a lot of sailors and its main focus is marine transport and tourism.


Mechen is a peaceful village surrounded by fields. The village has a large windmill and lots of livestock are farmed here.


Even though you’ll be travelling around a lot you’ll still have access to your studio. You’ll be able to truly make it your own by decorating the interior with furniture. Some furniture will even have special effects.


Oh and did I mention that you’ll also be able to synthesise various tools including broomsticks to travel around on? How cool is that!


You’ll be able to dress stylishly as you travel around by wearing various different outfits. Here’s a look at the “Flora of Purity” outfit:


Atelier Firis: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Journey is due out in Japan on September 29. Excited yet?

  • cegmp99

    Looking great! I am even more excited now. Curious to try out the broomstick!