Yep you’ve read that correctly! Square Enix have whipped up and released even more tiny trailers showcasing the Mirage Summons that players will be able to call upon in the upcoming PS Vita and PlayStation 4 exclusive come October!

I mean what else is there really to say? This is the third batch of Mirage trailers to emerge from the Square stable. For those of you who don’t know I shall quickly bring you up to speed! As the name suggests the Mirage Summons in World of Final Fantasy are summons you will be able to call upon to fight by your side and aid you in battle as you progress in your perilous quest. The trailers that have just been revealed all focus on one summon each and give you beautifully rendered looks at Siren, Acho, Ahriman, and Cockatrice.

As mentioned these are the third batch of trailers focusing on the Mirage Summons. The first lot can be viewed here, whilst you can have a gander at the second lot right here!

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World of Final Fantasy will be released exclusively on PS Vita and PlayStation 4 on October 25th in North America, October 27th in Japan and October 28th in Europe.