A brand new action RPG has been announced for PlayStation Vita, with Nippon Ichi bringing it to Japan.

Set in a time of capitalism, Princess ha Kane no Mouja – which seems to translate to The Princess is Money-Hungry – follows the titular Princess as she attempts to take down a demon lord through the magical art of throwing money at the problem. This is complicated by the fact that the princess is frugal, and that her lenders are less than reputable (to say the least).

Every element in the game has its basis in the almighty dollar; from the reward upon defeating an enemy, right up to the payment you issue those in your service. Spending money will also earn you special moves, though details to that effect haven’t yet been given.

The Princess is Money-Hungry is set to release November 24th in Japan, priced at 5,980 yen.

Does it sound like it might be for you?

  • Kumiko

    Hmm, sounds interesting, and the fact that this is by Nippon Ichi gives a better chance that most to have it brought over (still waiting on hero must die though). I will be on the wait for more news of this.

  • Lester Paredes

    That sounds awesome. I wonder there’ll be income bar, that slowly depletes and you have to keep replenishing it, like a hunger meter in survival games.