The latest Dengeki PlayStation has shed some light on the emotion system in Hollow Realization, as well as revealing that two previously met characters will be making an appearance. Yay for details!

In Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization your emotions will determine both your character’s development and your interactions with others. Specific emotions felt by your character can be checked via the status screen (there’s a blue circle containing them); while many emotions are quite common however, some are unique – and will depend on your actions as the protagonist.

Emotions such as “passionate” or “mindful of allies” will appear over other characters when triggered by your actions, and will change the way the characters act around you. By sending a praise while these emotions are present, you can even elicit a greater response.

So that’s it for details on the ‘Emotion Void’ system, but we’ve also got some information on characters to be included in the game as well. It looks like Hollow Fragment‘s Argo will be returning for Hollow Realization, and will be able to fight alongside you as a party member this time as well. Additionally, Lost Song‘s Rain is set to appear in the game – though in what way has yet to be detailed.

Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization is due out October 27th in Japan, with a Western release aiming for this Fall.