Koei Tecmo has announced that Samurai Warriors: Sanada Maru will be released in Japan on November 23th. The game will cost 6,800 yen for PS Vita version.

There will be a special bonus for first-print copies of the game; a download code for the NHK Taiga drama Sanada Maru special costume, Sanada Nobushige (Yukimura) Akazonae.


If you’re really into your Samurai Warrior games then you might want to consider the Treasure Box edition. This version includes an art book, a special “Rokumonsen”-style acrylic coaster set, original soundtrack, and a copy of the game. This version will cost 11,800 yen for PS Vita.


If you purchase the game at Gamecity or Amazon Japan then you’ll also get a download code for a Sanada Color costume for Kunoichi. Buying it from Geo will get you a costume for Inahime. Buying from Tsutaya and WonderGOO will get you the costume for Kaihime. Or if you purchase from Loppi/HMV then you’ll get a special costume for Kunoichi.

Koei Tecmo has also revealed a few new characters:

Chacha (voiced by Mariko Kouno) is the daughter of the head of the Azai clan, Azai Nagamasa. As she’s from a distinguished family she is very elegant but also a little bit aloof. After meeting Yukimura and company she slowly begins to open up.


Sanada Yukimura
(voiced by Takeshi Kusao) is Sanada Masayuki’s second son. He is a young warrior who fights together with his older brother Noboyuki for the Hosue of Sanada. He is loved by his allies and feared by his enemies because of his military strength.


Sanada Masayuki (voiced by Kenta Miyake) chose to follow the Oda clan after the downfall of the House of Takeda. He does what he can to protect his family even if that means betraying and conspiring against others. This has earned him the name of two-faced.


And finally make sure to check out the trailer below:

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