More characters have joined the cast of Akiba’s Beat and Acquire has released some information on the new faces. You can check it out below.

First up are the Akihabara Vigilance Committee with a few faces you’ll be seeing on your adventure.

The leader of the Committee, known as Leader by others his real identity is a complete mystery. He is a man of justice and fights the eroded delusions that have overrun Akihabara.

Akari Hoozuki
A 16 year old high school student. Childish by nature she loves the arcade but tends to worry about her twin sisters shy personality and as such joined the Vigilance Committee.

Aoi Hoozuki
16 years old and the twin of Akari, Aoi is quiet and shy but is also far more level headed than her sister.

On the other side of the coin we have the Bureau of Delusions who will be standing in the player’s way throughout.

Mikado Kurosaki
Director of the Bureau, he considers delusions vital for the development of the world.

Kasuga Yuuki
28 years old, Kasuga is the General manager of the Research and Development Office. As well as being tall and stylish he is also remarkably intelligent and is condescending towards Asahi and the party.

Mari Toujou
26 years old Mari is investigating the “Delusion Contractor” known as Kanon. She always maintains her calm attitude and seems to have some sort of connection to Reiji.

Finally we have the Mysterious Black Marketeer.

Shareko Ube
A mysterious black marketeer who shows up in a variety of places, nothing is known about Shareko however.

Alongside the new characters we also got some more news on how some of the games systems work.

The Imagine Mode can be activated by filling the Imagine Gauge, the various stages of the gauge available to you will increase throughout the games story whereas the the Imagine Mode is directly affected by your own equipment.

Akibas-Beat_Imagine Mode

Whilst you’re executing Imagine Mode you will be able to trigger EX Skills featuring a neat little cut-scene for the character.

Akibas-Beat_Ex Skill

If the Imagine Gauge is full when you trigger Imagine Mode then you also activate the Imagine Field which gives you a different presentation of the battle and a song will play throughout. Whilst the Imagine Field is active two new stats will appear on your screen, Total and Rate. Total is an indicator of the attack power being dealt to the enemy whereas Rate is based on the song being played and dependant on how you fight is added to the Total value.

Akibas-Beat_Imagine field

If that all sounds a little complicated, dont worry you’re not alone. In essence the more skillfully you fight during the Imagine Field the more damage you’re going to deal.

There are 12 different songs used in the Imagine Field and original character songs have been written for the individual playable characters.

Asahi and his party are not the only ones that can use the Imagine Mode feature, a couple of people from the Bureau of Delusions also have the ability to use Imagine mode against you and the party.

Moving on from Imagine Mode we have the games Personal Weapons. Each character has their own weapon that can be customised by the player to suit their needs. There are 5 different ways you can customise each weapon, including increasing the players AP, the level of Imagine Mode or the stats of your physical and magic attacks.

Akibas-Beat_Personal Weapons

Last but not least Acquire has teased that there are various sub scenarios that will trigger throughout the game including those that are only available after completing the main story so there will be plenty of content to sink your teeth in to.


So what do you make of the new characters? Any stand outs? what do you think of whats been shown so far? Let us know in the comments below.

Akiba’s Beat is set to release on PS4 and PS Vita in Japan on 13th October and some point in the winter for North America.