You can hunt all you want, you won’t be getting any of Kitfox Games’ Moon Hunters on Vita (unless you’re remote playing).

In an update to their Kickstarter project earlier today, Tanya Short announced that she’s decided to cancel the PlayStation Vita version of the ‘personality test RPG’ Moon Hunters – the basic reasoning boiling down to the fact that they couldn’t get it working properly.

Here’s the full Vita-related bit, pulled straight from the update for clarity’s sake;

“We have examined every possible variant of the next few months/years of our lives, and we have sadly decided that releasing the game on PSVita is not going to be a good effort after all. 🙁

Why? Well, one factor is the engine we’re using, but with all of the advantages Unity offers, I’m loathe to seem like I’m complaining about lack of low-level resource control. And one factor is the platform itself, which is more demanding technically than PS4 or desktop, but I’m loathe to seem like I’m complaining about such a beautiful, well-made piece of hardware.

So, the honest and blunt truth is that the only way we could realistically make it work on Vita is to make the game worse. What this means is that when we looked at how to get it running properly, we had to permanently remove the character portraits, real-time shadows, and loading times were absolutely intolerable. And that was just the beginning — we still had a long, long way to go. So we felt that, with those sacrifices already made, it was unacceptable to reduce the game’s quality further.

The upshot is that two years ago, we were arrogant and naive.

I personally apologize, as both the promise and the cancellation are my decision (me, Tanya Short), and ask for your forgiveness. I am sorry.

Please do not harass the Moon Hunters programmers, as they have done their best to work with a difficult situation I put them in.”

If you’re a Vita backer on Kickstarter you’ll be able to swap for any platform key you like, and if the only console you wanted the game for was Vita they’ll even give you two keys if they can manage (so you can play with a friend).

As for the refund route, they’re able to refund the $15 Canadian for the game itself (as they delivered on the other rewards), but it might just be a better if you resold a replacement key as you might get more money.

A sad day for Vita owners everywhere, it seems like Moon Hunters will forever be out of the Vita’s reach – so get it some other way, or sell it on and get some of your money back!

  • moreover

    Thankfully the game is not really good so not much of value is lost.

    • You have to wonder if the poor reception to the game has played a part in the decision to not port the game.
      Of course, releasing the game in a worse state isn’t acceptable either, so the developers are in a catch 22 situation. damned if they do and damned if they don’t – although lamenting (albeit reluctantly) the Vita’s power and ability to run games when other studios manage to get games working is a bit of a cop out.
      Personally I think that the cost of porting the game to Vita is more than they want to pay. Which, when you committed to doing it by CHARGING people for it previously is a bit low.

      • Noan North

        My thoughts exactly… its not that Vita cant handle this game its just the porting needs work and money and everybody sees Vita as dead platform so they dont think that they get their money back (which were already paid by KS).

      • xxAcesHighxx

        Couldn’t agree more, Paul. The whole episode has left this Vita stalwart with a very bitter taste.

  • Johnnie

    This is why I don’t back kickstarters.

    • APA

      My thoughts exactly!

  • Reza Gerami

    The developer deserves credit for such an honest answer though. Would anyone seriously feel content in recieving a mediocre shoddy port with many features missing just for the sake of having it on the Vita?