Entergram has announced a new visual novel headed to the Land of the Rising Sun this Fall.

The latest weekly Famitsu has revealed a scoop on a brand new visual novel coming to PlayStation Vita in Japan, it’s called id; Rebirth Session and Entergram’s making it happen.

A port of a 2010 PC title, id: Rebirth Session sees murder as the main topic of conversation – detective Shiro Hasegawa chasing the mystery and driving the story line. As for the setting for this murder mystery, it takes place in a part town; Sakura Katase enlisting Shiganai detective Shiro Hasegawa to find her missing brother.

If this sounds familiar (perhaps because you player the original) don’t fret, new characters and scenarios will join this port as a reason to revisit the town – and you’ll be able to try them out for yourself when it releases November 24th.

Interested? More information is sure to follow soon enough. 😀