Latest title in the Mystery Dungeon series to get a 5000 strong print run for Vita

We already knew that Spike Chunsoft’s upcoming title Mystery Chronicle: One Way Heroics was coming to Western shores but today we learned something even better: Those fine folks at Limited Run Games have got involved and the game will see a print release through them.

Releasing this September and with a print run of 5000 for both the Vita and PS4 versions, this latest title in the mystery Dungeon series centres around a kingdom which is being swallowed by a destructive wall of light. By keeping on your toes and moving forward in the procedurally generated world, the rogue-like nature of the game will punish you if you stray too far. Thankfully, although you’ll lose your progress if you fail you will be able to save your gear you have collected in the Dream Vault.

Limited Run Games also reminded us that the game will feature cameos from the Danganronpa titles and even Shiren the Wanderer.

We will bring you an exact date soon for the release. Have you been looking forward to Mystery Chronicle: One Way Heroics? Let us know in the comments what you make of the news!