It’s been a little while since we’ve talked about Idol Death Game TV, but now we’ve got a slough of new bits to go over – so hold onto your hats!

D3 Publisher has dropped a heap of new Idol Death Game TV details, and even some lovely media to go with it. Are you ready, ’cause first up is the newly revealed character Ren Isahaya.


Ren was born in the Nagasaki Prefecture on September 20th of an undisclosed year. She’s a bit on the short side at 159cm, has a blood type of A, and measures B83-W56-H85. Why am I telling you all this? Well, it’s widely known – especially seeing as how she’s an idol.

A member of Project 47’s Kyushi team “Team Passion,” she’s a part of the sixth generation and has a D-Ranking of 2 – with her skills listed as dancing and Karate, her hobbies focusing around training, and her favourite food being Champon. A beautiful girl, she’s also a quiet one, and only exhibits her strength during the critical junctures.

Ren’s well supported by her male fans, and has three consecutive Dream of Dreams victories (despite boycotting her center inauguration and seeing herself more as an artist than an idol). She’s an unusual girl, but that seems to work to her advantage more than her detriment.

Moving on we look to some newly detailed systems – both of them (in some way) revolving around Dream Coins.

Dream Coins are an important resource in Idol Death Game TV, and a certain amount of them will be necessary to achieve the judgment that awaits you in each stage. You can use them to purchase items that will be helpful in passing judgment as well (including Bakuro Words, which I’ll explain in a minute), and they’re found through searching the mansion and talking with other characters, or are received as a reward for your number of fans.

Remember those Bakuro Words I mentioned you being able to buy? Well they’re important for the Baku Royale – which is a way you can earn more Dream Coins through stealing (you bad person, you). The Baku Royale pits you against a rival in a one-on-one battle where you combine Bakuro Words (Exposure Words) in order to weaken your opponent by causing a scandal. The side that throws the most shocking Bakuro Words will be the winner, and Doripaku will be the judge and jury – branding the loser as defeated.

Hints for good Bakuro Word combinations can be found while exploring, and you can use them to see through the opponent’s scandal as well. Special combinations will even cause a severe scandal and can put an end to their life, though your idol nature comes into question when you challenge someone to a Baku Royale so be careful.

If you win the Baku Royale, you steal your opponent’s Dream Coins – and you’ll drop their tension as well (making judgment difficult to pass); just don’t lose all your fans in the process. 😛

Check out the gallery below, which shows off these newly detailed elements;

Intrigued? Loving what you’re hearing? Well let’s get some trailer into your head to top off the hype meter!

Idol Death Game TV is due out October 20th in Japan.