Kadokawa Games took to the game’s official website (and the latest Famitsu) to release some new details concerning homeroom teacher Kokomi and the Reco Sessions post-game mode.

First up we’re introduced to high school class 2-A’s homeroom teacher; Kokomi Isuzu (cv; Chiaki Omigawa). Despite just graduating from college, Kokomi’s also the school’s English teacher – though it’s obvious she’s quite unaccustomed to her duties. Worrying about how she looks too young to be a teacher probably doesn’t help much, and she often ends up confused in one way or another.


Finally, we’re introduced to the “Sub Character Reco Session” post-game mode, in which you can request shooting sessions with girls other than the six heroines; changing their clothes, location, and poses. It works just like the Reco Sessions in the main story, but isn’t as limiting in who you can pick!

Reco Love: Blue Ocean and Reco Love: Gold Beach are now due out October 20th in Japan.