Square Enix has released information on some new characters and mirages set to appear in the game.

According to updates to the title’s official site, it looks like Bartz Klauser (cv; Soichiro Hoshi) and Boco (cv; Kana Hanazawa) from Final Fantasy V will be making appearances, as well as Terra Branford from Final Fantasy VI (cv; Yukari Fukui).


Bartz Klauser is a young man who partners with Boco – a Chocobo. He’s a kind hearted soul, and will help the protagonist on their journey.


As for Terra Branford, she’s a summoner whose heart is connected to the summons beast Maduin. Strong at her core, she doesn’t speak much – having a zoned out and radiant “mode” she likes to go into.

But that’s not all we have to share, as we’ve also got word about Queen Acho (cv; Suzuko Mimori) – the leader of the penguin-esque mirages called “Acho.” Residing in a temple at the bottom of the ocean, it’s unknown if this Queen is friend or foe.


As for the Acho themselves, they specialize in water-based magic as well as counterattacks, and are named for the sound they make. It has a ‘Furious Bomber’ ability that is counterattack triggered, and deals damage to the enemy in return (attempting to stun).


Lastly, there’s Bahamut. A powerful mirage with a devastating ‘Mega Flare’ attack, it has the ability to wipe almost everything that challenges away like they’re nothing. It’s not to be trifled with!


World of Final Fantasy is due out October 25th in North America, October 27th in Japan, and October 28th in Europe.