We now have our first look at Nippon Ichi’s latest title, The Princess is Money-Hungry, a newly announced RPG for the PS Vita.


The game tells the story of a nation where capitalism rules everything and being powerful is nothing compared to being rich. We have details about a couple of the characters who will show up in the game.

The Princess is a realist who believes money is the key to everything. She was once a kind hearted individual but after losing her family and home due to debt she began to focus on money. She is on a quest of revenge against the “Drago Loan Family”.

A beetle butler who looks after the Princess, he leaves everything to the Princess now when it comes to battle.

The outline of the game is simple enough, defeat enemies to earn money, use said money to buy out those who sand in your way, and use special moves that spend the money. Money really does make the world go round here.

You can also check out a trailer for the game below if you want to see more.

So what do you think of the game? It definitely seems like a novel idea. Let us know in the comments below.

The Princess is Money-Hungry is set to launch on PS Vita in Japan on the 24th of November.

  • Lester Paredes

    I like the look and sound of this.

    • Reece Heyworth

      the idea is definitely novel, i like the idea of money being so core to gameplay. hopefully it comes together alright.