Gust is set to bring a sequel to Yoru no nai Kuni (Nights of Azure in the West) to PlayStation Vita, with a release date set for before the end of the year.

Interested? Well the story starts like this;

A knight of the Curia and personal guard to the Saint Liliana, Alushe watches over her childhood friend – eventually guiding her to the Curia and fulfilling her knightly duty. Once there however, the two learn that as “Bride of Time” Liliana must give her life in a sacrifice to the Goddess of the Moon.

A shocked and saddened Alushe escapes with Liliana, and dies soon after in battle against a powerful demon. Resurrected soon after at the hands of the Curia, the newly half-demon knight is filled with an immense strength; a sign of her newfound power. Now she just has to figure out where to use it.

As for the gameplay, it’ll have you fighting together with your partner “Lily” – creating a bond and gaining access to new abilities, and intimate moments. Who you choose as your Lily is up to you, but it seems that both Liliana and Ruhenheid will be possibilities.

Speaking of which, characters introduced with the announcement include;

  • Alushe Anatoria – Blunt and to the point, Alushe becomes a half-demon and obtains the power to fight demons. She fights to save Liliana.
  • Liliana Selphin – Kind to everyone, but strong at her core, Liliana is chosen as the “Bride of Time.”
  • Ruhenheid Ariarod – Childhood friend to Alushe and Liliana, Ruhenheid is now a Holy Knight – standing in opposition to them in every way. Quick tempered and a bit arrogant, she’s serious at her core… and not to be trifled with.

Carrying over gameplay systems like Servans, as well as the tone of the original, this new entry will have a considerably different feel to it. As for how it’ll look, well have a look for yourself!


Produced by Keisuke Kikuchci and directed by Samurai Warriors Chronicle‘s Hiroshi Kataoka, Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon will have a scenario by Fatal Frame and Kagero series director Makoto Shibata, character design by Yoshiku, and supervision by Production I.G.’s Junichi Fujisaku.

It’s currently set to hit Japan on December 22nd – priced at 7,884 yen for the standard edition, 11,124 yen for the premium box, and 17,604 yen for the special collection box.

Thoughts? 🙂

  • Lester Paredes

    My thoughts: it won’t come West due to performance issues. Dang.

    • Kaboom

      Probably this. They’ll just bring the PS4 version that’s sure to come with this and not bother with the PS3 or Vita, which arguably would have a lot more buyers… Shame to say it, but I’ll probably end up getting a PS4 if I wanna play this series.

  • Mark Anthony

    You guys said “Gust is set to bring a sequel to Yoru no nai Kuni (Nights of Azure in the West) to PlayStation Vita, with a release date set for before the end of the year.”

    So this game is definitely coming to the West then?..did they officially announce this?

    • No, it’s coming to Japan. If it was coming to the West it would say it’s coming to the West, instead of just the Western name.