More information on Blue Reflection has trickled down from Gust, revealing more about what to expect from the title and its characters.

We recently introduced you to a new game from Gust called Blue Reflection: Sword of the Girl That Dances in Illusions, though we had very limited details to introduce you to – not even knowing the genre of the title, or what it’s about. All that is beginning to change however, as we now have details on both of those things (and more).

First up are new details on the story, with Blue Reflection outed as a game which has girls growing through the power of heartfelt interaction. The game mirrors the ordinary and extraordinary bits of youth, using the interaction between characters as its core theme.

Speaking of characters, we’ve now been introduced to a few – the first of which happens to be the protagonist Hinako Shirai (cv; Yuki Takada).

Hinako’s a young girl who set herself apart through her talents as a ballet dancer, but ultimately lost her ability to compete after a foot injury in a major competition. Unable to dance, she deals her heart; believing that one day her foot will heal, and she’ll be able to dance once again.

Days pass, and one day Hinako encounters a pair of girls who grant her a mysterious power – the ability to transform into a “Reflector.” Armed with the newfound ability to fight, she’s driven by the idea that if she continues on her foot might heal. What a selfish girl.

Before long however, she begins to wonder why she’s fighting and who she’s fighting. She ponders the meaning of it all, and that’s when a fight finds her… one that could change the world. Armed with her newfound Reflector ability, she turns herself into a supercharged blonde with heterochromia (two different coloured eyes) and takes on all comers with a see-through sword.

Will that be enough?

In addition to Hinako, we’ve also been introduced to Yutsuki and Raiyume Tsukasaki (cvs; Marika Kouno and Sawako Hata) – the the two sisters who grant Hinako her newfound power, and the idea that a number of students will also appear as your classmates.

As stated earlier, deepening bonds is a core theme of the game; so expect a lot of people to interact with.

Blue Reflection: Sword of the Girl That Dances in Illusions is due out in Japan at an as-of-yet unannounced date, with the latest update noting the game was around 30% done.