Hailstorm games wants you to hold back the darkness with their extended cut of Claire – and being that it’s out next week, it seems they’re not messing around.

Joshua Spinell – Creative Director for Hailstorm Games – has taken to the PlayStation Blog today to announce a brand new horror game that’s not wasting any time getting itself into your hands. Claire: Extended Cut is headed to PlayStation Vita (and PS4) on August 30th, meaning you only have to wait until the next PlayStation Store update to grab it.

As for what Claire: Extended Cut has to offer, it follows a teenage girl (the titular Claire) as she struggles to make her way through high school amidst constant nightmares and dream-scapes. Dropping out of school and trying to take care of her ill mother, it all becomes to much – and she snaps. The past, the present, and something not quite identifiable run together, and Claire shifts between perspectives… reliving moments in a seamless (to her) stream of altered consciousness.

But Claire’s not alone.

Accompanied by a wandering canine, and a few people in need of help, it’s up to the player to put the pieces together and guide whomever you can back to reality. If you can, that is.

“Overhauled with false depth and 3D objects to create a 2.5D result,” Claire: Extended Cut is headed to PlayStation Vita August 30th – and will be cross-buy with PlayStation 4.

You in for the trip?