In a game focusing on Idols you would expect the music to take centre stage! Well Idol Death Game TV certainly seems to be on track for delivering the auditory goods!

That’s right! And if you don’t believe me then why not sample some of the tracks below! There are six in total and all of them are just begging you to tap your toes along to! Although we can’t say for sure when and where these tracks will feature in the finished game I think it’s safe to assume that if the rest of the soundtrack is as laced with pitch perfect J-Pop as these six videos suggest – then our ears are in for a treat indeed! Enjoy!

Phew! Now that was a LOT of music!!

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Idol Death Game TV will be released exclusively on the PS Vita in Japan on October 20th.

  • Phil Wyatt

    The last song I like the most 🙂