This time ’round the update mill we get introduced to a bunch of newly confirmed characters, as well as a pair of introduction trailers for some already revealed ones.

First up, the latest weekly Famitsu and the official website for the Berserk game have confirmed that Black Dog Knights leader Wyald will be a playable character in the upcoming musou title.

A gang of criminals that are also known as the shame of the Midland army, the Black Dog Knights like to subdue their enemies with an overwhelming show of force. With “enjoyment and excitement” as their creed, they chase after the Band of the Hawk – their current path being laid out for them by the King.


Additionally, we’ve also been given looks at a slough of boss characters – including Boscogn, Adon Coborlwitz, Silat, Wyald, Femto, Snake Baron, and Grunbeld. Check them out named below, followed by some additional shots below that.

Last, we’ve got brand new introduction videos for Casca and Judeau (in that order). The videos show the aforementioned characters in action, and are of the same scope as the previously released Guts and Griffith videos.

Berserk is due out in Japan on October 27th, with a Western release set for sometime this Fall.

Where’s your interest level at?