Thanks to the latest Famitsu and an update to the game’s official website we’ve been filled in on a bunch more introductory information. Care to run it down with us?

First on the introductions docket is Kintarou (cv; Tasuku Hatanaka). He’s a young warrior from a village at the foot of Fuji, known throughout the land because of his superior strength. Taking advantage of a riot that breaks out in the village, Kintarou rises up; his goal being to fulfill a promise he made to Kaguya – a girl he’s been friends with since he saved her from a trap as a child.


Next up is Aome (cv; Yumi Hara), a naturally skilled miner and manager of the Oeyama copper mine. Bullied since she was a child due to her unique appearance, she views the world through distrustful eyes – her views very different from those around her. After seeing Kintarou and Kaguya embrace so warmly however, Aome begins to open her heart to new possibilities.


Then there’s Kuma (cv; Jun Fukuyama), who is one of eight million gods living in the country of Fuji. Among the people since ancient times, he has the appearance of a bear and can’t speak the human language… but seemly forms a strong bond with Kintarou anyways. The two are so close that they can even breach the language barrier, and they seem understand each other despite of it.


That’s it for the characters on the good side, but we’ve also got a look at a not-so-nice god; the monster Yamata no Orochi. One of those eight million gods I mentioned (like Kuma), he’s an eight headed monstrosity that rules over Hiikawa. Mess with him and he’ll attack with all eight heads – likely leading to your doom.


Moving on we’ve also got details on the battle system, with Kadokawa Games revealing that battles themselves are seen from a quarter-view perspective. Enemies and allies will be viewable on a miniature garden-style 3D map, with allies able to move at your command – taking into consideration things like elevation as well as distance.

The battles themselves will be turn-based, with all those involved in the action taking their turns in order of speed. A single turn will end when each character has completed one action, which could range from basic attacks right up to skills or Ougi.

Speaking of skills, they’re special abilities that consume mana points (MP) – ranging in type from attack-based actions to support-based ones (like buffs). There are even enhanced skills called Ougis, though they use a separate source of power (the Ougi gauge) and aren’t available ’til later in the game.

You’ll be facing many powerful creatures in the country of Mizuho, with giant bosses of great power even able to stand in your way of progression. Think you have the skill to take them on?


God Wars is due out sometime this year in Japan, with a Western release planned but not detailed.

  • James Ashburn

    This looks fantastic. Hopefully it’ll get a western release (preferably boxed).

  • Lester Paredes

    I really like the look of that Bear Gid, doing his best Ryu impression.

  • montie1965

    This game is gonna be the next Final Fantasy Tactics game. (just not in name)
    Can;t wait….