Gust has released some beautiful artwork and screenshots of some new characters in Atelier Firis as well as some familiar ones. We also have some more details of the synthesis and battle systems.

Let’s start with some of the new faces!

Edel Hangstein (voiced by Sayaka Kinoshita and illustrated by Yuugen) may only be 26 but she is the mayor of Reisenberg. Her father was the former mayor but after retiring Edel was given the position. Edel is not just a mayor but also a qualified alchemist and serves as an an examiner for the certified alchemist exam. She’s obviously a very busy and productive lady! Thankfully she is highly popular with the people of Reisenberg.


Luis Bester (voiced by Hiromi Igarashi and illustrated by NOCO) is a minstrel. You’ll get to meet her while travelling. Luis tends to disguise herself as a man for a certain reason. She’s a lively and cheerful person who loves singing.


If you played Atelier Sophie then the next two characters will be very familiar to you!

Meklet (voiced by Hiromi Igarashi and illustrated by NOCO) is always seen with Atomina, he has a habit of just appearing and tends to disappear just as randomly as he appeared. He has a strange mix of childlike innocence and unchildlike arrogance about him. You can tell that he sometimes struggles with Atomina’s dark attitude.


Atomina (voiced by Hiromi Igarashi and illustrated by Yuugen) is always seen with Meklet. She has a strange aura that makes people around her uncomfortable for reasons that they can’t quite put their finger on. She’s quieter than Meklet and she’ll often whisper her chilling true intentions.


Did you like the alchemy system in Atelier Sophie? Well it looks like the system in Atelier Firis is similar but has been updated and tweaked slightly!

You’ll be able to earn bonuses by putting alchemy ingredients in a line within the panel and by filling the whole line out. You’ll also get to use Catalysts. Catalysts cause the panel to expand and also changes the effect of the line. This can have a big effect on the synthesis of the item.

Check out the following screenshots to understand this a little better:

Before putting down the ingrediants onto the panel you can select a catalyst. By filling out the whole line you’ll earn a bonus:

Different catalysts will have different effects. So depending on the catalyst selected the size and shape of the lines will also change. The more valuable the catalyst the better the bonus you can receive:


There’s a new special kind of synthesis in Atelier Firis called Superdreadnought Synthesis. This type of synthesis will have a big impact on Firis’ journey. The items created through this synthesis will be significant enough to change the field itself.

For example here you can see a field covered in ice. Firis won’t be able to move forward like this.


But by using Superdreadnought Synthesis you can create an “Artificial Sun” to melt everything it shines on. This will melt the ice on the field allowing Firis to move forward.

Firis will be asked to complete quests at various places during her journey. For some of these quests there will actually be more than one solution, and the outcome of the quest will change depending on how you choose to solve it. Sometimes your solution can even trigger another quest.


When in battle your characters will act one at a time, but (similar to in Atelier Sophie) by building up a gauge to it’s maximum amount you can perform powerful cooperative “Chain Burst” attacks.

Atelier Firis: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Journey is due out on September 29 in Japan. No word yet on a Western release but as Atelier Sophie made it over here I’m very optimistic that we’ll see a western release of Atelier Firis!