Interested in getting some grips to deal with classics and remote play titles (that use the default control scheme)? Some interesting new limited edition models have been announced for the accessory’s anniversary.

Joetsu Electronics have announced three new limited edition models of last year’s OLED compatible remote play grip, with gold, silver, and blue trigger version set to release on September 5th in Japan. Priced at 3,980 yen plus tax (roughly $40 US), these grips add L2/R2 triggers via simulated back touch – and genuinely feel good in bigger hands like my own.

Check them out in an bonus reveal shot below;


In addition to the limited edition grips, a new carrying case created specifically for use with them was revealed – available in black, or black with a blue stripe. It’ll be priced at 1,389 yen (roughly $14 US) and launches on September 5th as well.

Do these grips interest you? How about that cover?

We’ll have a review of the standard edition OLED grip up sometime in the next month (as well as a group review of the Slim version), however my early thoughts on the comparable version to these limited colours pretty much boil down to “it’s awesome.” 😉

  • Lester Paredes


  • Mark Nelson

    Love my L2/R2 – got it a while ago and its invaluable for remote play. Anyone know how to order the Blue stripe zip cover from Japan. Been on the official Japanese website and cant make head nor tail of it. . . even after translating it. It only seems to send to Japanese districts from what I can gather.

  • NeoTechni

    Anyone know where to get that case?