New mode and map packs available for Mojang’s block builder.

Still playing Minecraft on the Vita? Mojang have been supplying new modes and maps recently, and today you’ll be able to get something new to add to the block building time sink!

Speaking to the EU Blog, Minecraft’s Senior Marketing Manager Jamie Limon has revealed that as of today you will be able to download the new Tumble mode for free!

Jamie says: “Tumble is a frantic, competitive mini-game where your objective is to avoid taking a dip in red hot lava by making sure that other players fall into it first. You do this destroying the floor beneath your enemies’ feet as you stand in platforms that can have one or more layers. Sounds easy? Well, remember that other players will use their shovels or snowballs to get you to fall first. And when you get your friends to do this at the same time, it does get a little wild.”

Tumble mode is a free update, but there is also a Battle Map Pack available. Costing €2.99/£2.49 (or regional equivalent), this third pack includes three “thrilling” new maps: the colossal Castle, the incredible Shipyard and the terrifying Invasion!

Have you been playing Battle mode? Will you be getting stuck in to Tumble or getting the new maps? Let us know!

SOURCEEU PlayStation Blog
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