A recent Famitsu interview with three members of the title’s development team has revealed new details about the upcoming RPG.

In an interview featured in the latest Weekly Famitsu, three members of the game’s development team – chief producer Youichi Shimomoto, producer Katsura Mikami, and director Takeshi Ozawa – took to revealing some more information about Valkyria: Azure Revolution. They revealed details on the game’s changes, development process, and even the end product. It’s time to run them down.

First up we learned that significant improvements have been made to the game systems, with the battle system changing significantly (despite concepts such as tactics-style battles remaining completely untouched). Battles can be stopped at any time however, so players who aren’t adept at action games will be able to muddle through.

As an RPG however, you’ll be able to fight with minimal tutoring – and the intricacies of this specific title’s combat can be gleaned very easily through trial and error. Along with that, the ability to stop time has opened up questions of the game’s difficulty… leading the developers to consider making enemy attacks more severe to compensate.

With a freshly revealed PlayStation Vita version on the way (due to demand from the fans), they’ve also affirmed that they’re trying to make it as close to the PlayStation 4 version as possible – and that cross-save will be supported at launch.

Valkyria: Azure Revolution is due out January 19th, 2017 in Japan.

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