Bandai Namco has announced the Western (North American and European) release details for Hollow Realization, throwing in some information on two in-game systems for good measure.

First up we’ll go over the North American details, and while it’s our pleasure to let you know that the game will be releasing in the region on November 8th, it’s our pain to add that it’ll available digitally only on Vita in the region. 🙁

As for Europe, they’re getting the better deal this time around; the game will hit the region on November 8th, but will be available in both digital and physical copies. Pre-orders for the Vita version are set to include a “Nightwear” costume for Asuna, as well as Livie and Soma costumes (characters from the God Eater series) – with physical copies also adding an exclusive Reki Kawahara signed A4 lithography.


In addition to the release details however, some new screenshots and details regarding some of the other systems in the game have been revealed. The first of those we’re going to delve into happens to be the skill tree system.

Just like the past games in the series (and many other RPGs), Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization will utilize a skill tree to allow your character to grow their abilities in a variety of categories. There are separate skill trees for each weapon type, as well as for specific situations (like the Battle Skill). You’ll need to complete the requirements for different branches (rewards in that tree) in order to level them up, so paying attention to your active trees and keeping mind of the goals to unlock their branches is vital in progressing further.

Next up we get a look at “cosleeping events,” which seems to be a nice way of saying events in bed with a partner (bow chika wow wow). It’s been confirmed that they’re present in this iteration, with the ability to get closer to your partner and share unique moments with them following along as well.

Lastly, we get a look at the character customization screen, some in-game battles, and a menu screen – though no further details were given to go along with them.

Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization is set to release October 27th in Japan, and November 8th in the West.

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    So it’s releasing November 2016 or 2017?