The end of the month is here, and we’ve finally get word on the September line-up of PlayStation Plus titles for Western regions.

We’d like to remind you that Plus titles across North America and Europe now hit on the same day of the week – the first Tuesday of the new month – and you’ll be able to get this month’s haul on the 6th.

Amnesia: Memories


“Amnesia: Memories was my first foray into Visual Novels and has left me wanting more of from the genre, its unique story and interesting cast will keep you entertained and hooked on the game, with multiple ending and several unlockable bonuses Amnesia: Memories is a worthwhile addition to your Vita collection.”Liam Langan

Badland: Game of the Year Edition


“In bringing Badland to consoles, Clony and co. make a flap for the big time but unfortunately fall a little short. Frogmind saw great success on smartphones with this title, unfortunately this does not translate as well to the PlayStation Vita.”Charlie Large

These two Vita titles can be yours, for the low price of a PlayStation Plus subscription. That subscription will net you great deals on digital titles as well, especially if you pay attention to the weekly deals on the PlayStation Network.

If you don’t already have one, I suggest grabbing a year sub; both for the cost to coverage benefits as well as the fact that you’re not going to want it to run out on you. 😉

  • Lester Paredes

    I sure hope with the coming price increase that Sony starts making noticeable to all of their services.

  • WillMerfi

    I’m happy we got Vita games, no PSP games.

  • cannedpete

    Been wanting to try Amnesia, both the game and in reality.

    • Noan North

      its great i played it on PC 🙂

  • WillMerfi

    I’m just happy we got 2 Vita games, no PSP games this time.

    • Wizard Of Odd

      Really!? Because I see one Vita game and one crappy mobile phone game. I’d much rather a decent PSP game than that rubbish. Badland is dull as hell. More PSP game please, if this is what we get now!

  • Alondate31

    Amnesia is a really cool addition. I hope we will see lots of Japanese games in future plus updates