We get initial announcement details and a release date for Touhou Koubuto V – a Touhou Project 3D action game.

During a livestream today it was revealed that action title Touhou Koubuto V would be coming to PlayStation Vita (and PS4) November 3rd in Japan, the Touhou Project digital-only title priced at a cool 3000 yen.

As for what Touhou Koubuto V is, it appears to be of the same gameplay style as Tamsoft developed titles from the Senran Kagura and Neptunia series – 3D action/brawler. You play in third person, controlling a character which moves around an enclosed space taking on enemies.

Touhou Koubuto V also happens to use the twist of “magic” to make its combat unique, though to be honest that’s just a variation on whatever super power (or strength) players have in other games of this sort – not that there’s anything wrong with that.

As stated, Touhou Koubuto V is due out in Japan on November 3rd, the digital download title priced at 3000 yen.