Lions Film has announced that they’re bringing the free-to-play Sengoku era real-time battle RPG to PlayStation Vita.

Creek and River’s hugely popular 3D real-time battle RPG is making the leap from smartphones to PlayStation Vita this Fall, with Lions Film recently announcing that they’re publishing Sengoku Shura Soul on our handheld platform.

As for what you should expect from gameplay, the title will see you put together a deck of military officers (cavalry, archers, and spearmen) – giving them a formation and sending them into battle. Fields and battles are then shown in full 3D, with the filling of morale gauge able to trigger special skills to aid you further during combat.


Featuring over 300 military commanders and princesses – and with art drawn by famous illustrators, and music by Gackt and Daisuke Asakura (from Access) – Sengoku Shura Soul is headed to Japan sometime this Fall.

Interested? Check out the game’s official site here.