Gust has only recently announced that it’s working on Blue Reflection: Sword of the Girl Who Dances in Illusions but we’re already getting more and more information about this beautiful ‘heroic RPG’.

The game is set in a school in modern day Japan and one of its main themes is about how, even with the introduction of smartphones and social networking sites, the essence of interaction between people doesn’t change no matter the era.

High school is a time where everyone experiences a mixture of emotions: fun, joy, sorrow, unarticulated anxiety, and fear. As the main protagonist progresses through the game, she’ll experience these emotions an well as becoming deeply involved with many of her classmates. By feeling these emotions and making (and sometimes even losing) friends the protagonist will grow as a person.

The game is a mix of modern day high school and fantasy


Let’s take a look now at some of the characters you’ll come across while playing:

Hinako Shirai (voiced by Yuki Takada) is the game’s protagonist. She has trained as a ballet dancer and one year ago she was supposed to compete in an overseas ballet competition that had the potential to be her gateway to success. Unfortunately she had to withdraw after she injured her foot. Since this injury she hasn’t been able to dance. She believes that one day her foot will heal and she’ll be able to dance again.


Yuzuki Shijou (voiced by Marika Kouno) is one of a number of mysterious girls that gives Hinako her Reflector power. After meeting Hinako she suddenly shows up as a transfer student at the same school. She has a great sense of humour and gets along with everybody.


Raimu Shijou (voiced by Sawako Hata) is another one of the mysterious girls that gives Hinako her Reflector power. She’s Yuzuki’s sister and is in the same year of school as her. She has a very results-based way of thinking, and always puts other people’s feelings before her own. Both Raimu and Yuzuki treasure Hinako.


Next up we have Ako Ichinose who likes money, Chihiro Inoue who likes flowers and Yuri Saiki who tends to be a deep thinker.

Rin Sanada likes going out, Shihori Sugamoto likes to accessorise outfits and Fumio Taya likes music.

Kei Narimiya is very into sports, Sanae Nishida loves cooking and Mao Ninagawa likes training.

Kaori Mitsui is into clothes and fashion, Sarasa Morikawa loves dance and Rika Yoshimura likes running.

I mentioned earlier in this post about a ‘reflector power’, Hinako receives this power after meeting Yuzuki and Raimu. This power enables Hinako to fight. She doesn’t know why she’s fighting nor who she is fighting against. The reflector power is a magical power which lets her freely move her body. Hinako hopes that as long as she continues to fight and is not defeated then her foot may one day heal and she’ll be able to dance again.

But who is she fighting? And will these fights have an impact on the real world?


So I know I’m interested in Blue Reflection, are you? We don’t have a release date yet on the game but keep checking back to The Vita Lounge for all the latest updates.

  • Yoyitsu

    This looks beautiful! I can’t wait to see some gameplay.