Circle Entertainment has announced that Koi is coming to PlayStation Vita, bringing with it the Zen-inducing mellow-out style gameplay we’ve come to expect from the PlayStation 4 version.

The first PlayStation 4 game developed entirely in China, Koi is a hypnotic Zen-inducing trip into a pond full of China’s favourite experimental carp. You’ll have to complete puzzles, open flowers, and dodge predators in this chill new title from Oasis Games… and soon you’ll even be able to do so on Vita.

A tweet by Circle Entertainment has revealed that Koi is coming to our lovely handheld platform;

… and a response to a question posed by fellow Vita enthusiast site MyPSVita (@MyPSVITApl) even indicates that the title will be coming to the West, though specific regions weren’t specified;

Are you interested in getting comfy in the pond?

Koi is officially headed to PlayStation Vita, so keep an eye out for more information very soon!