New details and media have been revealed for World of Final Fantasy, looking to up the hype level as we enter the home stretch towards release.

First up we learn that World of Final Fantasy is featured in the latest issue of Jump Magazine – the publication revealing details on a returning Final Fantasy character, Heart Quests, and even a new Mirage (enemy).

WoFF-Scan_09-05-16Let’s run ’em down;

  • Freshly chibi-ed from his last appearance in Final Fantasy XIII we have Snow Villiers (cv; Daisuke Ono), who is found in World of Final Fantasy trying to protect a town from a giant Flan.
  • Heart Quests have been revealed as sub-quests that feature Final Fantasy legend characters. Unlocked by using an item called an “Ultima Gem,” Heart Quests will net you a reward upon completion – so don’t miss them!
  • The newest Mirage to be revealed is the Water Frog, which inflicts status ailments by chirping ribbit-ribbit. It also has a special move called “Song of Spirit,” which serves to increase all of its allies’ magical defenses.

In addition to those newly revealed details however, we’ve also got another look at the game in action – the events of PAX West leading to the release of a brand new English trailer. Check it out for yourself below. 😉

World of Final Fantasy is due out October 25th in North America, 27th in Japan, and 28th in Europe.

  • Alondate31

    I hope this won’t be the last FF title we see on Vita