Gust has done a little magic and summoned up a new Atelier Firis trailer, showing off a bit more of the Mysterious Journey.

A journey of growing up, Atelier titles tend to follow the titular characters as they explore the land and find their way. This one’s no different in that regard; but there’s a new story to be had, tons of new characters to meet, and of course quite a few tweaks and balances to keep you entertained (and on your toes).

Are you ready for another look? Check out our second in-motion look below;

Atelier Firis: Alchemist of the Mysterious Journey is due out in Japan on November 2nd, with a Western version in the works (but not yet confirmed for Vita).

  • Alex George

    Is this the kind of game you start from the first one created or can you just start anywhere? Looks super and I’d sorta like to know more about the ‘time limit’ in the game.