Square Enix has released new screenshots and video showing off their upcoming World of Final Fantasy release, sprinkling a little bit of additional detail on top for flavor. 😉

World of Final Fantasy is just under seven weeks away, and as we get towards that final stretch of pre-release hype we’re bound to get a lot of new media and details. That said, being that PlayStation 4 is the leading platform… most of it’s going to deal with that.

The new screenshots we just got in are no different, but will still give you a decent idea of what to expect from the game in any form. Check them out below.

Now while we said the majority of things would cover PlayStation 4, we didn’t mean everything – and a great example of that starts at about 13:38 in the video below. It’s then that we get a look at a PlayStation Vita/PlayStation 4 side-by-side, and learn more about what the visual differences happen to be.

Check it out;

Finally, we get some details from a recent Square Enix livestream – including some important release details. First up is the news that the PlayStation Vita version will support a Japanese voice over in the West… but you’ll have to download it separately. The base game won’t come with it built in, but it will be available to you for free via the PSN. Additionally, the game will support cross-save and multiplayer – though the extent of the multiplayer is currently limited to ad-hoc on Vita (as far as we know).

World of Final Fantasy is due out October 25th in North America, October 27th in Japan, and October 28th in Europe. Does it seem like a world you’d like to live in?

  • Lester Paredes

    Yes. Especially now that it looks like the Vita port wasn’t a quick and dirty deal and the time was obviously taken to make sure it looks good in comparison to it’s big brother. As for performance, that’s still up in the air for me, as they showed a small bit of walking and a (cute and humerous) cutscene, but I can’t imagine they’d let it be terrible considering the quality of everything else. It’s almost as if it’s launch title quality, y’know, when they tried. Lol

  • Alondate31

    I could not watch much because the creepy guy’s laughter freaked me out but it looks like Vita version will be a nice one. I am happy that they put some effort into it

  • AndreasStalin

    Looks really nice on the Vita!