It’s been quite a while since we’ve heard any updates on this but Corecell Technology has finally revealed some new artwork and details about the main characters in AeternoBlade II!.

First up we have Felix, he’s a knight who’s childhood friends with Bernard and Rosaline.


Rosaline is a princess who knows a great secret of the Alwesia region.


Bernard is a young knight who is very skilled in the use of heavy weapons. He’s quiet but has a kind and just heart.


Freyja’s life has changed for the better after creating a new paradox. Because of the paradox a universal time effect has occurred which means that she’ll need to pick up the AeternoBlade again.


Zevil and Carol will be returning to help Freyja out.

Hopefully we won’t need to wait so long for the next update! Keep checking back to The Vita Lounge for all the latest updates!